Elections 2022: Should the public question Dr. Green more?

Should we question this candidate’s campaigning tactics and record a little more?

Dr. Josh Green has been in the State Legislature for 18 years. He is currently compensated for approximately $165,552 as the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii

Today in his campaign facebook page, he is also celebrating his career as a doctor for the past 25 years.

Lt. Governor Green in his medical uniform thanking the public for the love. It’s interesting to note that he talks like he’s already cinched the position of Governorship in Hawaii.

What is this candidate?

Lt. Governor Green or Dr. Green?

How does one clock time on the job for Lt. Governor? Is he doing $165,552 worth of labor for the taxpayers?

How much time is allocated for his medical profession? How much time for his political campaign?

It’s interesting to note this candidate has mostly highlighted his medical career more than his public office during this campaign.

Dr. Green appear to wear his medical scrubs wherever he goes. It’s certainly part of his “branding”. He’s dressed in his branding scrubs at sign-waving, meet and greet, on the beach, at the taro patch, the bakery, and so on.

The Doctor Brand

This is certainly the persuasive ploy to take – to dress as a Doctor and to relentlessly push the phrase “Trusted, Caring Leadership” as his campaign slogan.

Most public sentiments towards a doctor are naturally positive. Someone is in need of care and the doctor is there to make us feel better.

A doctor becomes someone we can trust to take good care of us. It’s just like the image of a “fireman”.

A fireman comes to the rescue or to put out our house fire. It’s unlike the policeman who has to maintain law and order. A policeman is capable of making a bad person be accountable and be punished. The policeman breaks up fights and may have to shoot a criminal. They’re involved in giving speeding and DUI citations. We don’t like that or run away from the policeman if we’re guilty.

So, there are systemic stereotypes in our society.

Can you imagine a gubernatorial candidate dressed in a policeman outfit as his campaign garb?

Can you imagine gubernatorial candidate dressed in a clown costume?

This leads to a few fundamental questions in this gubernatorial campaign.

Are we electing a Doctor for the office of the Governor?

Should the public study Dr. Green’s legislative record these past 18 years?

Should the public study Dr. Green’s phenomenal fundraising amounts from special interest groups here and from the mainland?

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