Elections 2022: Corporate Media Forums are very entrenched and against free and robust dialogue

So, the corporate news media in Hawaii gets to decide which candidate to invite to island-wide forums. This is unfortunately based on the donations collected by the candidates. Money does buy elections.

I totally understand that TV time is a huge factor and time is money for the corporate media.

It’s on the assumption that money can afford relentless pummeling of TV ads, social media, Instagram, Twitter and so on into the public space and living rooms. Whoever can put the most air-time for their campaign wins.

Familiarity does not appear to breed contempt. It breeds name recognition for political candidates. Thirty short seconds of professional campaigning videos can imprint on the minds of the voters. Some fluid candidates have changed their words and content to fit their newly-adopted campaign narratives.

There were other political parties that were brushed off. We have the Aloha Aina Party, Green Party, Nonpartisan Ballot, Constitution Party, and Libertarian Party this Election 2022. It would be interesting to hear their voices. They deserve to be heard in a democracy.

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