Choon James: Iconic Ewa Beach Post Office headed for Closure. Why?


WHY? Ewa Beach Post Office headed for Closure in Oahu

“The Ewa Beach Station is housed in a building owned by City, and the rent is just $4,404   a year.  The structure is in good shape, and there’s ample parking.  The proposal to close says that the post office building is “not listed as a historic landmark.”  It’s true that the building isn’t on the National Register of Historic Places, but it is a local landmark and many people like the old timey feel of the place, which is associated with the fact Ewa Planation goes back 150 years.  The post office structure It was built in 1958, making it eligible for the National Register, which uses fifty years old as a benchmark. ”

” The Ewa Federal Credit Union is next door to the post office and one of its best customers, so it’s putting up a fight against the closure.  The Credit Union would be severely impacted, since it would need to send an employee seven miles round trip every day to the next nearest post office.

Average citizens are joining in the fight as well.  Customer Vera Kaaikaula has started a petition drive, and she has gotten more than 500 signatures. “

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