Kahuku Village Tent City

Kahuku Plantation Camp residents struggle with pending evictions & homelessness.


The Kahuku Plantation Sugar Mill was built in 1890 and ceased its operations in 1971.

About 71 plantation homes remain in this iconic plantation camp. Today’s residents have longstanding ties to the plantation era. Many of their grandparents, parents or themselves have contributed to the success of their plantation Lunas. There were promises to reciprocate their contributions by allowing the plantation workers to buy the humble homes.

Continental Pacific, LLC purchased the plantation camp from The Estate of James Campell in 2006. Long story short, there are brewing controversies. About 30 residents are facing evictions. The Honolulu City Council Chair Ernie Martin and Budget Chair Ann Kobayashi adopted an unanimous Council  resolution to set aside funds to purchase the Plantation Camp through a non-profit organization to manage it.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell does not appear to have the will to help solve this crisis. Residents believe the mayor’s reluctance to help stay the evictions may be due to the fact that Continental Pacific, LLC’s attorney is Lex Smith, Caldwell’s former mayoral campaign chair.

Mayor Kirk Caldwell – mayor@honolulu.govHonolulu City Council Chair Ernie Martin – emartin@honolulu.gov
Continental Pacific, LLC   – http://www.cplandco.com/





 “ the influx of more affluent people into communities that often displaces the less-affluent residents. The less affluent are unable to keep up with the rising costs of rents, property taxes, real estate and other modern living expenses.”


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