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Iceland Lighthouse


“The most isolated lighthouse in the world Thridrangar Lighthouse is off the coast of Southwest Iceland (63 29.3258 N,20 30.7935 W) Lighthouse, perched atop a rock pillar in the Westman Islands, off the coast of Iceland, sits about forty meters above the raging Atlantic Ocean, was built in 1939.”

” In 1939 there were no helicopters so people would have had to sail to the cliff and scale it. In an old article in Morgunblaðið, project director Árni G. Þórarinsson says in an interview, “The first thing we had to to was create a road up to the cliff. We got together of experienced mountaineers, all from the Westman Islands.

Then we brought drills, hammers, chains and clamps to secure the chains. Once they got near the top there was no way to get any grip on the rock so one of them got down on his knees, the second stood on his back, and then the third climbed on top of the other two and was able to reach the nib of the cliff above.

I cannot even tell you how I was feeling whilst witnessing this incredibly dangerous procedure.”Þrídrangar, the three pillars of rock are in fact four pillars named Stóridrangur, Þúfudrangur, Klofadrangur and the fourth one is nameless.

In 1938 a road was constructed to Stóridrangur and the following year the lighthouse was raised.

Many years later a helipad was set up on Stóridrangur where helicopters can land.”