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Choon James: Eminent Domain – Honolulu Rail Transit Line & Corridor

Do not enable a runaway city project that provides 2% traffic relief

Aloha Hawaii State Senators and Representatives:
The Honolulu Rail Fiasco is not just about runaway and unknown costs. 
There are other irreparable damages that will forever alter the physical, economic, cultural, and social landscape of Oahu. 
Rail Chnatown-Stn-Elevated-Final2
One economic and social injustice is the assault on small private properties and businesses along the 21-square mile Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) corridor, not just along the rail line.


The recent  eminent domain case between Hardwoods Hawaii versus City and County is just the tip of the condemnation iceberg.
This is only a condemnation  of private properties along the rail line.
Rail Map
The future condemnation aka “land assembly” along the 21- square miles CORRIDOR is one of the best-kept secrets in this project.  This is the 1/2 mile radius around each proposed rail station that balloons to 21 square miles!
The city through “private/public partnerships” can easily seize private properties to allow other bigger private entities to develop! How is this fair?
We respectfully request that you be a STATESMAN or STATESWOMAN in these sessions.
We’ve seen too many politicians who are easily influenced by lucre or favors or friendships or status quo.
Please be bold and legislate in the best interests of the public good and the future of Hawaii. We must leave our children a better future, not one yoked with never-ending debt. History will judge us all.

Choon James  808  293 9111