Elections 2022: PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE trolling to confuse and control public conversations

Here is an example of PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE and insidious trolling against political opponents. This is the context article of what I perceive to have electioneering trolling in its Comments Section. I’m willing to be corrected if I’m wrong. But I’ve seen many trolls coming out of the woodwork against Vicky Cayetano and Kai Kahele during the Primary Gubernatorial Race.

This article above was written on August 12, 2022. Primary Elections was August 13, 2022. Enter this commenter about Kai Kahele in this article continuing the “proxy” smear:

I was curious and checked. It turned out that watchfuleye was born on August 12, 2022, the same day of this article:

I took the time to respond to watchfuleye for clarifications and posted the following comments on the Civil Beat article. But my comments below were apparently censored and did not appear in the comments section:

” From Jan 2021 to Aug 2022, Kahele missed 6 of 869 roll call votes, which is 0.7%. This is better than the median of 2.1% among the lifetime records of representatives currently serving.”

Congressman Kahele has a good record. It was lobbyists who complained about Kahele being inaccessible to them in DC!

Watchfuleye just joined this forum on August 12 to post his pilau comments. This passive-aggressive political stagecraft insults the public intelligence.

No politician has to be a cookie-cutter, especially during these past COVID years. Kai Kahele has been our District Congressman. We have been impressed with his “boots in the ground” style. Kahele has been to city council and community meetings working on issues these past two years.

I vigourously encourage you to look out for possible trolling. Ask them if they’re trolling politely. Let’s question them. If we’re wrong, we’ll apologize.

Democracy is best served through honest and intelligent dialogue in the open public square. Trolling and hiding behind fake names to attack opponents with falsehoods or smearing is despicable and unethical.

Elections 2022: COVID19 funds commingled with campaign donations questioned

Dr. Richard Creagan, a retired and board certified emergency medicine physician and farmer speaks about Lt. Governor/Dr. Josh Green’s questionable record


My name is Richard Creagan, M.D. I served as a state representative in District 5 on the Big Island from 2014-2020. District 5 is part of Senate District 3 which was Josh Green’s Senate seat so I know Josh very well.

I have been made aware of the allegations below which are being actively investigated by the campaign spending commission. As a retired and board certified emergency medicine physician, myself, I have gotten to know Josh Green very well and was shocked by his claim to be an “emergency room physician” despite his inadequate training and numerous complaints against him.

I was also a state representative for seven years from Josh’s Senate district and saw his dishonesty and unethical behavior play out in the legislative arena.

In my view he would bring great shame to Hawaii if elected governor. He is however very good at fooling people and I have been saddened to see the press not realizing Josh’s many flaws.

This may be an opportunity to stop a disaster for our state.

I became aware of the allegations below and volunteered to help the press let the people of Hawaii know the truth about the “teflon” candidate.

I am writing as a concerned voter regarding the Campaign Spending Commission’s investigation of a COVID testing company.

As HNN published on August 8, the state Campaign Spending Commission is investigating one of the companies that was awarded a multi-million dollar COVID testing contract by former Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s administration.

However, I believe there is another COVID testing company that should also be investigated: Nomi Health Inc. I would also like to reference this article by Politico, which states, “Various state officials across the country criticized Nomi Health throughout 2020 as it quickly started snagging state pandemic contracts worth tens of millions of dollars.”

Nomi Health and another company it owns called Artemis Health have donated to a major candidate in Hawaii: Lieutenant Governor Josh Green.

Below, I have provided donations from the company and its executives to the LG’s (Dr. Josh Green) campaign committee.

Meet and Greet Donations:

$2,917.64 Artemis Health, 6/17/22 (Meet and Greet Event)

$2,674.32 Artemis Health 6/17/22 (Professional Services Meet and Greet)

$2,083.99 Blake Waggoner, 6/17/22, Nomi Health Managing Director, (Meet and Greet)

Direct Donations

$5,000, Nomi Health Inc, 2/11/22

$1,000, Mark Newman, Nomi Health CEO, 2/11/22

$5,000, Mark Newman, Nomi Health CEO, 6/21/22

$5,000, Amber Newman, (wife of Mark Newman) 6/21/22

$2,500, Jonathan Lee, Nomi Health Government Affairs, 6/30/22

Total: $26,175.95

Given the national media attention and criticism of Nomi Health, I believe it is critical that there is some investigation of their contract with the State of Hawaii. And perhaps more importantly, given that Nomi Health and its acquired company Artemis Health have donated a substantial amount of money to the LG’s bid for Governor, I believe our voters need to have more information on this matter before the election.

There may be several campaign violations that the CSC should investigate. Per HRS §11-355, it is unlawful for campaign committees to receive contributions from state and county contractors.

If Nomi Health had an active contract with the state or county at the time of its donation to Josh Green, this donation was illegal.

Nomi Health is still operating across the state today. Nomi Health acquired Artemis Health.

Therefore, it is possible that their aggregate contributions to Josh Green exceed $6,000.00, the max donation allowed for 4-year statewide office.

The money donated on June 17 for a meet and greet ($8395.95), coupled with the nearly $50,000 in high-dollar mainland contributions to Josh Green on June 21, may be indicative of a fundraiser.

If so, fundraisers on June 17 and June 21 were not filed with the campaign spending commission.

Like the current investigation with Mayor Caldwell, the CSC may wish to examine if the donations provided by Nomi Health executives Blake Waggoner and Jonathan Lee were reimbursed by Nomi Health which would be a violation of Hawaii campaign finance laws.

I understand that the election is tomorrow. However, these are serious concerns voters need to know about immediately. It is gravely concerning if Josh Green accepted campaign donations from a company with an active state or county emergency COVID-19 contract, especially considering the LG’s role throughout the pandemic.

Please confirm receipt of this email, and please let me know if you will be inquiring with the Campaign Spending Commission.

Yours truly, Richard Creagan, M.D (808) 430-5715 rcreagan2021@gmail.com

Elections 2022: Since when did questioning or expecting accountability of a public official “nasty”?

Hawaii’s Gubernatorial has three top-contenders for the position. The incumbent Lt. Governor Dr. Josh Green has the tendencies to embellish events and information during this campaign. The Sierra Club and Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition recently publicly protested against Dr. Green’s inaccurate advertisements and in claiming credit to promote himself. Other residents have reported Dr. Green for Free Speech violations by deleting or blocking their comments and so on

Second District Congressman Kai Kahele is a Hawaiian native, with a strong and outspoken personality who is not afraid to question the establishment and to ask for clarity and disclosures. Kahele is also a combat veteran, pilot, and a commissioned officer in the Hawai’i Air National Guard.

Vicky Cayetano has not pursued this Hawaiian-based issue against Josh Green like the native son of Hawaii has.

The Controversy – Hawaii’s Department of Hawaiian Homestead Lands (DHHL) is notoriously known for its long waitlist to service housing for Hawaiians. Many Hawaiians have passed away without being served.

Dr. Josh Green, a white man who is married to Jaime Green, a part Hawaiian, has on multiple occasion embellished his mother-in-law’s history – “Jaime’s mum passed away in her 40s from cancer while on the list”.

However, DHHL says their records could not substantiate that his mother-in-law has or had been an applicant on its wait list. But that does not mean that she might have been qualified to receive an award.

Other Hawaiians are resisting the gubernatorial candidate on this issue, including the former Gov. John Waihee, the first governor of Hawaii ancestry to Civil Beat:

“If she didn’t die on the list, then they should immediately correct that because there are a lot of people whose relatives did die waiting on that list,” Waihee said. “I don’t know what to tell you except you shouldn’t say those kinds of things if they aren’t real.”

Kai Kahele was more plain in his remarks to Hawaii News Now:

“Kahele claims Lt. Gov. Josh Green lied when speaking about his mother-in-law and Hawaiian Home Lands in order to score political points.

“Saying it once could be a mistake, but continuing to say it again is something that needs to be addressed,” Kahele said. “If you want to be the governor of this state, words matter.”

Response from the political pundit raises questions:

HNN political analyst Colin Moore says he can’t remember a time when local politics has been this “nasty.” “Jamie Green’s mom died when she was 42. There’s a person at the center of this and that is the failure of the state of Hawaii to provide people homes,” said Moore.

The political pundit’s response raises these questions:

  1. When was questioning and setting the facts straight from a political candidate for a public office considered “nasty“?

2. What about accountability from a candidate? What if the son-in-law Green did NOT embellish his mother-in-law’s history to gain affinity votes from Hawaiians?

The public and other candidates have the right to question and DUTY to set the record straight in a democratic election. Political pundits should remember to be objective and circumspect of the issues in favor of the public good.

Elections 2022 – Invasion of fake trolls to confuse and distract voters in public conversations

I’m interested in observing the techniques of campaigns and its operators. Some campaigns appear to readily exploit the social media loopholes and play dirty. Social media platform like Facebook hosts anonymity and fake accounts. Thus the birth of bad actors and trolls to confuse, distract and smear opponents. I’ve noticed lots of these public comments against Vicky Cayetano and Kai Kahele.

On a quite side note, it’s no surprise that Elon Musk’s failed $44 Billion acquisition of Twitter is partly related to the “proportion of fake and spam accounts on the platform.” Twitter acknowledges that it has “false or spam accounts on its platform.”

Here is a troll example that we can examine:

Context: Lt. Governor Josh Green has been at the State Capitol for 18 years as a legislator as well as a doctor. The office of the Lt. Governor is a full-time position but Green continues his medical profession. Green is constantly seen in his medical scrub all over Hawaii. Green has cleverly branded himself as a “trusted caring” doctor in his political campaign.

The public began to question his medical training and credentials when “Dr. Green” positioned himself as the expert during the pandemic management for the State of Hawaii. He held countless confusing and contradicting press conferences. Green is not an epidemiologist but says he’s an emergency care doctor. Independent residents say it’s all about Green getting free airtime for his gubernatorial aspirations.

inevitably, the issue of being “board certified” became a thorn in his side. The record appears to show that Dr. Joshua Green is not “board certified”.

Recently, Dr. Green, in his grubs, stated that he was “board certified”. Whether Green is certified or not is a non-issue. However, it’s his discrepancies that alarm voters. There is continuous social buzz about this discrepancy.

Enter the disinformation or damage control for Dr. Green:

EXAMPLE: This is candidate Kai Kahele’s FACEBOOK page:

Below is the out-of-nowhere comments written about “Josh Green” on Kai Kahele’s post above. Note the introduction of confusing jabber and gibberish in the comments. The troll further went to drag in anti-semitism for whatever motive there may be. I QUESTIONED the troll simply because I was curious and wanted clarity.

For the sake of clarity, I posted a question ( See comment above) to ask if this person were a troll. Almost immediately, the FB account became unavailable as below. Does this action point to a troll account?

Below was a screenshot of what the troll account looked like. The entire troll comment in Kai Kahele’s post is now deleted.

I have seen tons and tons of these similar posts. For the sake of honest and intelligent dialogue in our democracy, I encourage all to public question comments like the above. Do it politely.

We must protect robust and intelligent dialogue in our democratic society. Get rid of bad actors and dirty games.

Elections 2022: Lt. Governor Dr. Josh Green continues to stonewall questions about his campaign finances

Vicky Cayetano and Kai Kahele held an unprecedented joint press conference in Honolulu on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 in an effort to get answers from Dr. Josh Green.

Questions have been raised about Dr. Josh Green’s sources of income to his Green Health International LLC at various forums. But an agitated Green always stonewall those questions by quickly responding with his usual ” I’m being attacked” ploy. The Corporate media does not question the candidate further after that.

On July 31, 2022, an article again reported Dr. Green’s stonewalling – – “His campaign declined to release the names of those entities.” That was that.

In the interest of an OPEN and TRANSPARENT government, these questions should be answered now, not after the elections. The public has the right to know. Green has a record of being a “pay to play” politician.

Lt. Governor Dr. Josh Green, though not an epidemiologist, positioned himself as the expert of COVID 19 management these past pandemic years. The Federal government infused about $18 Billion into Hawaii during these confusing and fast-paced years.

Hawaii’s most recently received $1.6 BILLION in pandemic relief funding provided by the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in 2021. There were other earlier funds from the CARES Act and direct relief to residents totaling about $18 Billion.

Jill Tokuda reported in May 9, 2021:

Approximately $350 million of our CRF funds was allocated to respond to the immediate health crisis. COVID testing, contact tracing and public health expenses represented more than $1 out of every $4 CRF dollars.

The Press Conference is worth listening to. The full-time Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii has an annual salary of $165,552. Dr. Josh Green has continued to work as an “emergency care” doctor. Additionally, his Green Health International LLC increased in income these past years.

The public is curious and has the right to know. Dr Green should just disclose the sources of his increased income to his private LLC willingly.

Highlighting Pioneer Women

This is a great link to many interesting reading like these excerpts below:

A portfolio of bold American women who changed the world.

Alexis de Tocqueville came to America to study democracy. At the end of his two-volume Democracy In America, he wrote, “if one asked me to what do I think one must principally attribute the singular prosperity and growing force of this people, I would answer that it is to the superiority of its women.” With that spirit in mind, we present a photo essay of the strong, bold, sassy, bawdy, stubborn, bodacious and superior women of the Old West.

The most famous female journalist in the nation was told by one editor that it was impossible to think a woman could go around the world in 80 days, like Jules Verne’s popular novel. “Very well,” she said angrily, “start the man and I’ll start the same day for some other newspaper and beat him.”

She completed the trip in 72 days and then wrote a successful book about it. She is seen below wearing one of her road outfits.

Courtesy Library of Congress

Highlighting “The Real Women of the Wild West”

This is a great link to many interesting reading like these excerpts below:

A portfolio of bold American women who changed the world.

Alexis de Tocqueville came to America to study democracy. At the end of his two-volume Democracy In America, he wrote, “if one asked me to what do I think one must principally attribute the singular prosperity and growing force of this people, I would answer that it is to the superiority of its women.” With that spirit in mind, we present a photo essay of the strong, bold, sassy, bawdy, stubborn, bodacious and superior women of the Old West.

Stagecoach Mary : The Natives called her White Crow because she “acts like a white person but has black skin.”

She was only the second woman in the nation to win a contract to carry the U.S. Mail. She was rough and coarse, but beloved, too.

“Mary lived to become one of the freest souls ever to draw a breath, or a .38.” — Montana native Gary Cooper.

Elections 2022: Hawaii now has an entrenched Oligarchy that usurps democracy and public interest

Do you agree with this statement? Who and what groups and organizations are part of this Oligarchy?

Corporate Media? Industry unions? Healthcare? Insurance? Legal? Finance? Banking? Lobbyists? Consultants? Billionaires? Politicians? Mercenary Electioneering Experts? Fortune 500 corporations?

Elections 2022: The death of integrity in campaign advertisements

State of Hawaii’s sitting Lt. Governor Dr. Josh Green has a very dishonest advertising on primetime TV and other social media recently. Environmentalists are calling this gubernatorial candidate on it.

The Foul Advertisement:

The branded “Doctor Green – trusted caring leadership” campaign shows a prominent pediatrician extolling Dr. Green’s leadership in shutting down the contaminated Redhill fuel tanks in three months. The pediatrician further stated ” I trust Josh to protect Hawaii’s children“.

Here is the inevitable pushback from Hawaii’s environmentalists:

Oʻahu Water Protectors Demand Gubernatorial Candidate Josh Green Pull Campaign Ad & Correct Misinformation He Spread on Red Hill

For Immediate Release


Marti Townsend, Marti.townsend@gmail.com, 808-372-1314

HONOLULU, HAWAIʻI. July 25, 2022. The Oʻahu Water Protectors (OWP) demands that gubernatorial candidate Josh Green:

  1. Pull any and all political advertisements, including television, print, radio and social media materials incorrectly suggesting  that the Red Hill facility is “shut down,” 
  2. Issue a correction as to the current status of the Red Hill fuel tanks, and 
  3. Clarify his actual role in the Red Hill issue since 2014, and emphasize  that continued community advocacy is critical to protect us from the threat of existential disaster.

The Red Hill water crisis is far from over. Residents whose water systems have been declared safe continue to report visible sheens in their tap water and health symptoms consistent with petroleum poisoning.  According to the  Board of Water Supply, there is a contamination plume of unknown size and location threatening nearby municipal wells. Due to the Navy overpumping Waiawa shaft and the closure of three critical BWS water sources, Oʻahu is on the brink of a water shortage that may persist for years. Perhaps most importantly, over 100 million gallons of fuel remain in 14 actively corroding, ill-maintained, 25-story tall fuel tanks located just 100 feet above our sole-source groundwater aquifer, which the Navy suggests will take years to remove. 

Accordingly, OWP is deeply concerned by the statements made in Green’s ads, which have circulated online and aired on primetime television.  The candidate used footage filmed by an OWP member at an OWP event for his political ad without the knowledge or consent of OWP in order to incorrectly suggest that not only is the Red Hill facility shut down, but that Josh Green is solely responsible for shutting it down. The use of footage from this event could be construed by viewers as a tacit endorsement by OWP of Dr. Green’s Gubernatorial run and his misleading views on Red Hill, which makes the nonconsensual use of OWP footage all the more egregious. It is OWP’s policy is to refrain from supporting candidates running for public office. 

“We need to be united in the effort to save our water supply from the military. The truth is the tanks remain full and remain a threat to all of us,” said Anna Chua, a volunteer leader with O’ahu Water Protectors. “Lt. Gov. Green should do everything he can to make sure we have the correct information and this ad fails at that goal,” she added.

We look forward to hearing Dr. Green’s response.”

Other grassroots activists are also directly objecting to Dr. Green’s foul play:

Oahu Water Protectors (OWP) went online to voice their objections as well.

Environmentalists in Hawaii know that Ernie Lau, the chief Engineer for Board of Water, the Sierra Club and grassroots were the voices of warning about this issue for many long years.

Dr. Josh Green has been a politician at the Hawaii State Legislature for 18 years. Josh Green also worked as a doctor during all this time. As a doctor. Lt. Governor Green should have been more acutely concerned about public health. However, Dr. Green was silent until the this Redhill water contamination issue went viral on social media and mainstream corporate media. Then Dr. Josh Green appeared at the Redhill site, with cameras on him.

Incidentally, the above social media post also raised another troubling issue – First Amendment Violations. Besides this Free Speech violation cited above, there have been other complaints about the Lt. Governor/Dr. Josh Green Campaign deleting and blocking contrary comments from the public on his social media sites.

Elections 2022: Remember this 2018 Failing Poll?

Polling, if done objectively can be a good indicator. But, let’s face it. Polling costs money. Grassroots candidates cannot afford “official” polling. The crafting of the questions can elicit the desired answers hoped for.

Polling can be funded by the candidates themselves and then circulated to influence the public. It’s about snatching the “First Impression”.

Polling is one way to influence the public. It can exploit the tendency for the Everyman to accept and support perceived “winners”. People could then gravitate to the perceived “winners” to obtain or maintain favors or jobs or contracts or social status and so on.

But, polling can be elusive. Here’s an example of the 2018 Gubernatorial race between David Ige and Colleen Hanabusa. Hanabusa did her own polling as advertised on May 25, 2018.

The poll was conducted by Qmark Research of Honolulu from April 21 to May 7, 2018. It included registered voters with a history and likelihood of voting in the 2018 Democratic Primary Election to be held on August 11, 2018. It should be noted that the study period of this survey began after the Ige campaign had begun its TV advertising and was completed before the Hanabusa campaign TV advertising was launched.

In the poll, registered voters who indicated a likelihood of selecting the Democratic Ballot in the upcoming primary election were asked which of the top candidates for governor they would likely support if the election were held today. It showed Colleen Hanabusa holds a greater than 2:1 advantage over the incumbent David Ige, 52% to 23%.”

The Real 2018 Primary Elections Results

Governor David Ige won the Primary Elections. with 50.2% to Hanabusa’s 43.4%.

What happened to Hanabusa’s earlier polled 29% point lead over Ige?

2022 Primary Election Poll

Fast forward to July 6, 2022. Civil Beat, an online news media, and Hawaii News Now announced their polling results. ( The costs are not disclosed.)

According to a new Civil Beat/Hawaii News Now poll, Green has 48% of the vote compared to U.S. Rep. Kai Kahele with 16% and businesswoman Vicky Cayetano with 15%.

Nearly one-fifth of those polled (22%) say they are not sure who they will vote for. But of the 782 likely Democratic primary voters surveyed, nearly half want to see Green elevated to the governorship.

Some public sentiments from the same polling reveals interesting mind processes:

Melanie Kealii Pualani Hiram-Broad, 47, a small-business owner in Hauula, also trusts Green’s experience as a doctor and leader in the state through the pandemic.

But Gail Tagashira, a retired woman from Ala Moana, supports Cayetano not Green.

“Because of Green’s campaign finances, he has taken dirty money to me. And I’m not really sure if he has the ability to get legislative bills influenced.”

“I think Cayetano and Sylvia Luke would be a good team as far as legislative duties go,” she said.

The Big Question

Which of the three Democratic Gubernatorial candidates will win this Primary? Will Vicky Cayetano or Kai Kahele repeat the 2018 Polling failure?

The winner of this Democratic Primary will become the Governor of Hawaii for the next 4 years.

Will voters dig deeper into the persona branding created by “Doctor Green” as the “trusted caring leadership”? Or question the doctor’s list of big corporate donations here and from the mainland? Below is a meme from a Facebook post:

Will voters dig deeper into the persona branding created by “Dr. Green” as the “trusted caring leadership” and question his PAY TO PLAY record?