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HonoluluMayor2024 – Corporate Media Blackout & Censorship Overdrive?

I’m experimenting in democracy by running for Mayor for Honolulu. I don’t collect donations from Lobbyists or PACs.

The incumbent Mayor Rick Blangiardi has a war-chest of about $1.7 Million. Not only does he have the vast resources of his Office to campaign from, he has the money to buy TV ads and mass mail out to throughout the island of Oahu.

I don’t have that resources because I’m campaigning on the premise that money must not control our political campaigns. I tell people they don’t need to donate but to consider voting for me and to tell their friends.

FACEBOOK is my FREE social media to share with my friends. Here is a post (recollected) I shared this morning.

#honolulumayor2024: How is Status Quo benefitting us? The Oligarchy makes it a big deal that you have to be Macho Man to be a Mayor. That’s so patronizing.

The Truth is it’s the 10,000 hardworking employees at City Hall who do the work daily. The Mayor can go on a long vacation and he will not be missed except for a few needed signatures :=))

The Mayor sets the tone and culture at City Hall. I want to be the Mayor who puts Residents First! I do not collect donations from Lobbyists or PACs.

I understand that there is pressure. Some of you have pending contracts or grants. Those will not change. You don’t have to reveal who you vote for. #ResidentsFirst.

But several hours later, I received this message from FACEBOOK META.

Message #1

Message #2 I requested a review.

Message #3 Of course, we’re talking to the Meta Universe out there.

Message #4

In the meanwhile, the post is gone. Whether this same post will be restored is a guess.

And you can see why people can suspicious of censorship and dirty tricks. Generally Facebook posts can be reported. If enough people report, Facebook Meta will automatically shut you down. Facebook warnings or “Jail Time” can last for a while. Sometimes, it’s 24 hours or 6 days or a month. I’ve known of others who last long