Monthly Archives: October 2023

It’s still a beautiful world with lots of good people

We should all watch more Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood regularly. He will remind us to be consistent – – to hold basic respect for others and recognize the free-agency of each individual. Nobody has to think exactly like us. The world would be a more peaceful and reasonable place on all levels, if we’re fair and consistent to ourselves and to others.

Let’s be that helper. Let’s be good neighbors.

Personally, I recall a sage advice very early on in my youthful civic engagement from a community activist. She noticed me and took me under her wings to share her decades of experience in protecting the environment, open space, and community empowerment.

“Be careful. Avoid fanatics on all sides. They’ll support and love you when you don’t cross them. But when you don’t fit their mold of thinking or their causes, they’ll not hesitate to eat you, chew you good, and spit you out! “

A Facebook Share

 Facebook posts don’t have to be about just about food and events. I thought this was a very helpful share from a friend.

Hawaii has morphed into a very expensive place to live with the average price of a single family at $1M. There are more Hawaiians living out of Hawaii than here. There are a lot of frustrations and angst, and rightly so.

Perhaps the saddest thing I’ve heard from my years of community advocacy is this phrase from a Hawaiian: ” You can go home to your homeland but we have no place to return to. This is our homeland.”

” While looking for something else, I came across this law from 1850, prohibiting natives from leaving Hawai’i due to a concern of population loss. It puts into perspective the recent discussions on the exact same issue.” Jonathan Scheuer