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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – the only US Constitution champion in this Presidential Elections 2024.

This 2024 Presidential Elections offers a rare opportunity for the American public, students, and concerned citizens to be inspired and educated by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. – – a walking encyclopedia of the US Constitution and American/World History and Affairs.

The Constitution is more than a legal document. It’s meant to inspire us. It’s a recital of the most fundamental moral truths that govern human conduct. It reminds us of the central proposition that only under a system that maximizes the personal freedoms that God intended for us when He gives us Free Will can we achieve our potential for creativity, the prosperity the ultimate elevation for the Human Spirit. The Constitution embodies the very soul of our nation as first invoked in the Declaration of the Independence. I get goose bumps when I read the words.” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

This is worth the time to listen to his speech shared on May 24, 2024 at the Libertarian Convention. We would be so lucky to have Kennedy at the White House with his brilliance and skills and mindset.