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The Ayatollah Kirk Caldwell strikes again!



City and County crew illegally raided free speech signs on private property on October 18, 2013, for the second time.  The owners have fee title to the land; the date for eminent domain trial is not until March, 2014* but Mayor Kirk Caldwell rampages on.



The Honolulu Mayor’s crew at work.


Mayor Kirk Caldwell apparently cannot tolerate dissent.


Mayor Kirk Caldwell quickly installed this illegal sign on private property on October 21, 2013 when Reynolds Recycling was closed on Mondays.



Adjacent Lot 64 is owned by the city. The city did not install a NOTICE on their own property but instead installed the NOTICE on private property next door.



The following day, Reynolds could not open for business. This created a hardship for those without vehicles.



This gentleman was seen by Pounders Beach in Laie,  having walked from the closed Hauula Recycling. He was probably walking to the Kahuku Recycling Center which is about 6 miles north.





Due to Mayor Kirk Caldwell’s strong arm tactics, the Hauula Reynolds Recycling left after the city’s illegal NOTICE’s threat in front of its operation.


Irate residents have been calling. They say they’re getting the run-around with no return calls from the Mayor’s office.

The Star Advertiser reported that the Mayor’s spokesman said the Mayor wants to help Reynolds find another site in Hauula.

This is tall tale spin, there is no other available commercial site in Hau’ula.

Perhaps the city will allow Reynolds Recycling back onto Lot 64 that it owns. This will turn the city into a thief – stealing business from a private owners next door.

The Mayor’s status quo public media spin is in high gear:

 Jesse Broder Van Dyke, spokes­man for Mayor Kirk Caldwell, said the city’s actions were legitimate.

“Since the city has control of the property, it has the responsibility to ensure it is not being used improperly,”Broder Van Dyke said. “The commercial activity that was occurring was not authorized by the city.”

 On the other hand,

“Reynolds marketing and development director Bruce Iverson said he and other company officials were “dumbfounded” when the city sent his company a letter earlier this month demanding that it vacate immediately. Reynolds has been on the property since January and had obtained all the documents necessary to operate, including at least one from the city.”

Who do you trust?

The Mayor and his spin doctors or a business trying to provide a service?

* Update: The eminent domain case is slated to be heard on July 7, 2014 with Judge Rhonda Nishimura of the First Circuit.