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Elections 2022: Josh Green and Nomi Health Donations

Lt. Governor Josh Green and the executives of Nomi Health show a pattern of campaign donations that should be further scrutinized.

This is an excerpt from USA TODAY which has a paywall to read. However Civil Beat is in partnership with this article:

Hawaii’s Gubernatorial Elections will be against Republican Judge Duke Aiona and Democrat Lt. Governor Josh Green.

Nomi, Chief Executive Mark Newman and others associated with the company have since December given almost $35,000 to Hawaii Democrats, with the majority going to Lt. Gov. Josh Green, the Democratic nominee and front-runner for governor, campaign finance records show. There were no contributions to Republicans, who have little political clout in Hawaii.

Nearly all of the campaign contributions to Hawaii politicians, including several running for the Legislature and lieutenant governor, came after Nomi announced in December that it had secured $110 million in new investor money. The company then purchased at least three more businesses, including Artemis Health, which gave nearly $5,600 to Green about six months after the acquisition.

Newman previously told USA TODAY that campaign contributions were made in part so that Nomi could continue to “be at the table” and compete for future health contracts against other businesses.”

Larry Noble, former general counsel at the Federal Election Commission who has practiced campaign finance law for 45 years, told USA TODAY that it appears Newman wants to sit at more tables.

Money buys access,” Noble said. “It’s a big problem and leads to a distorted government, and it is part of the system we have right now. The fact that he is willing to say it out loud is how far we have fallen.”

What is interesting are also the observations from Congressman Kai Kahele:

“Kai Kahele, a U.S. congressman who lost to Green in the Democratic primary for governor, released a 47-minute video in late July that questioned why Nomi and Newman were invested in a political race so far away from Utah.

Kahele told USA TODAY that Newman will have allies in the governor and lieutenant governor should the Democratic ticket win in November.

He said that while the contributions from Newman and Nomi associates are much smaller in Hawaii than what was given in politically red states, the dollars add up, and open the door to political access for state contracts.

“It just smells fishy,” Kahele said, “Something is not right.”