Elections 2022: PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE trolling to confuse and control public conversations

Here is an example of PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE and insidious trolling against political opponents. This is the context article of what I perceive to have electioneering trolling in its Comments Section. I’m willing to be corrected if I’m wrong. But I’ve seen many trolls coming out of the woodwork against Vicky Cayetano and Kai Kahele during the Primary Gubernatorial Race.

This article above was written on August 12, 2022. Primary Elections was August 13, 2022. Enter this commenter about Kai Kahele in this article continuing the “proxy” smear:

I was curious and checked. It turned out that watchfuleye was born on August 12, 2022, the same day of this article:

I took the time to respond to watchfuleye for clarifications and posted the following comments on the Civil Beat article. But my comments below were apparently censored and did not appear in the comments section:

” From Jan 2021 to Aug 2022, Kahele missed 6 of 869 roll call votes, which is 0.7%. This is better than the median of 2.1% among the lifetime records of representatives currently serving.”

Congressman Kahele has a good record. It was lobbyists who complained about Kahele being inaccessible to them in DC!

Watchfuleye just joined this forum on August 12 to post his pilau comments. This passive-aggressive political stagecraft insults the public intelligence.

No politician has to be a cookie-cutter, especially during these past COVID years. Kai Kahele has been our District Congressman. We have been impressed with his “boots in the ground” style. Kahele has been to city council and community meetings working on issues these past two years.

I vigourously encourage you to look out for possible trolling. Ask them if they’re trolling politely. Let’s question them. If we’re wrong, we’ll apologize.

Democracy is best served through honest and intelligent dialogue in the open public square. Trolling and hiding behind fake names to attack opponents with falsehoods or smearing is despicable and unethical.

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