Bill 10 (22) Monster Omnibus Bill – Does the City Council itself have sufficient time to study?

This Blangiardi Agenda to amend and overhaul Chapter 21 is a sweeping action that contains 239 pages of fine print and technical knowledge. It will become the Bible for Oahu’s Land Use Ordinances for residents, developers and all property owners.

It appears that perhaps the City Council members themselves may not have the opportunity to study the entire document and its multiplier impacts on Oahu and its residents.

On July 18, 2022, the Zoning and Planning Chair Brandon Elefante requested input from other city council members. He even provided the format on how to submit amendments to Bill 10.

Ideally, wouldn’t it be helpful to constituents to hear from their City Council members about this sweeping Bill 10 that will literally affect their lives?

Considering that District 2 has many severe concerns in so many areas, it’s questionable why City Council woman Heidi Tsuneyoshi is only focusing on one little aspect of this Omnibus Bill 10 that relates to the future industrial turbines buffer zone.

Boundaries for the 9 City Council District. District 2 has a lot of agricultural-zoned lands as well as shorelines.

Based on the city records, this is what District 2 City Councilwoman Heidi Tsuneyoshi contributed the following amendment to this Monster Bill 10 deliberation.

What about other critical amendments to protect the Oahu General Plan, the North Shore and the Ko;olauloa Sustainable Communities values? What about the agricultural-zoned land and the farmers? Neighborhood Business-zoned parcels? What about food trucks businesses?

These are the Bill 10 amendments provided by the Honolulu City Council members:

  •  CC-237(22) TUPOLA – Proposed Amendments to Bill 10 (2022), CD1.
  •  CC-241(22) WATERS – Proposed amendments to Bill 10 (2022), CD1.
  •  CC-249(22) ELEFANTE – Proposed additional amendments to Bill 10 (2022).
  •  CC-268(22) ELEFANTE – Bill 10 CD1 (2022), Relating to Use Regulations.
  •  CC-273(22) TUPOLA – Proposed amendments to Bill 10 (2022), CD1.
  •  CC-274(22) KIAʻĀINA – Bill 10 CD2 (2022), Relating to Use Regulations.
  •  CC-275(22) WATERS – Proposed Amendments to Bill 10 (2022), CD1.
  •  CC-276(22) CORDERO – Proposed Amendments to Bill 10 (2022), CD1.
  •  CC-280(22)  TSUNEYOSHI – Proposed amendments to Bill 10 (2022), CD1.
  •  CC-281(22) WATERS – Proposed Amendments to Bill 10 (2022), CD1
  •  D-0074(22) PLANNING COMMISSION – Draft Bill to Request Amendments to Chapter 21, Revised Ordinances of Honolulu (ROH), 1990 Land Use Ordinance (LUO), Relating to Use Regulations.

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